Monday, August 17, 2009

some charcoal

this is my grandmother, bonnie. she's my father's

mother. this is her on her wedding day, and i tried

to capture the pure beauty of it. it's gorgeous, she's

gorgeous. i love this picture

this is joy. there is a lovely lovely picture of it that my sister took. she's an amazing photographer. i loved it so much i just had to draw it. this is the outcome.

this is one of the few picture's ive done without having a photograph to look off of.
i guess this is what i felt that day. and for some reason, i put the charcoal to the paper and a beautiful, miserable, strong woman appeared.
make of that what you will. im not saying that this is me in any way, i think that
this idea is what i like to portray best because it needs to be seen. i have known many strong, beautiful women and many miserable ones. nobody seems to notice, and me putting it to paper makes it a little more real, a feeling for people to avtually see.

i saw a photograph of a simlar picture in a book somewhere and thought. woah. this is beautiful. the little girl was stunning, the reflection was awesome?! and the two together was perfect.