Thursday, December 24, 2009


Made it for a history project. it's supposed to symbolize the affects of war. can you see it?

the sky is filled with fire.
a white light covers the lands.
as smoke spreads through the air,
i fall to my knees with my face in my hands.
the guns crack pierces through me,
the swish of the blade in my ears.
i whirl, the sickly smell of gas
seeps into my skin and as i dissappear.


find some random berries.
crush them with a mortar and pestal.
make sure if the berrries have seeds, you separate them from the liquid.
keep crushing until it's an even watery liuid.

the color is amazing. its so pink, even if the berry was a deep purpley red, the juice is so bright.

*for a texture and deeper color, add mud.