Thursday, December 24, 2009


Made it for a history project. it's supposed to symbolize the affects of war. can you see it?

the sky is filled with fire.
a white light covers the lands.
as smoke spreads through the air,
i fall to my knees with my face in my hands.
the guns crack pierces through me,
the swish of the blade in my ears.
i whirl, the sickly smell of gas
seeps into my skin and as i dissappear.


find some random berries.
crush them with a mortar and pestal.
make sure if the berrries have seeds, you separate them from the liquid.
keep crushing until it's an even watery liuid.

the color is amazing. its so pink, even if the berry was a deep purpley red, the juice is so bright.

*for a texture and deeper color, add mud.

Monday, August 17, 2009

some charcoal

this is my grandmother, bonnie. she's my father's

mother. this is her on her wedding day, and i tried

to capture the pure beauty of it. it's gorgeous, she's

gorgeous. i love this picture

this is joy. there is a lovely lovely picture of it that my sister took. she's an amazing photographer. i loved it so much i just had to draw it. this is the outcome.

this is one of the few picture's ive done without having a photograph to look off of.
i guess this is what i felt that day. and for some reason, i put the charcoal to the paper and a beautiful, miserable, strong woman appeared.
make of that what you will. im not saying that this is me in any way, i think that
this idea is what i like to portray best because it needs to be seen. i have known many strong, beautiful women and many miserable ones. nobody seems to notice, and me putting it to paper makes it a little more real, a feeling for people to avtually see.

i saw a photograph of a simlar picture in a book somewhere and thought. woah. this is beautiful. the little girl was stunning, the reflection was awesome?! and the two together was perfect.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


you will need:
small cup/bowl.
extra virgin olive oil.
balsamic vinegar.
dried oregano.
dried basil.
honey [preferably heated til it melts down. its easier to stir.]

grab a small cup/bowl. pour in some extra virgin olive oil so it takes up about 1/3 of the cup. add balsamic vinegar-pour about three to four splashes. get some dried oregano and crush in about two to three pinches. repeat with basil. shake 5 shakes of salt and 3 shakes of pepper. stir. pour in honey for about three to four seconds. stir.

my grandfather had this friend mary. she used to make us spaghetti and meatballs and salad. she made her italian dressing with honey, thus inspiring me to later make my italian dressing with honey.


this is a picture i drew based off of a photograph of my friend julia. i took her head and her hand and drew in a body and an arm to go with it. im just giving you a little taste of what happened on a dull school day when there was nothing to do.


1. go to a diner.
2. order/get your friend to order a coffee.
3. take one of the creamers from the bowl.
4. open it.
5. take the sugar shaker and pour in some sugar for about 2 seconds.
6. down it.

this is the best thing you will ever taste. (probably)
some say it tastes like cotton candy, others say icecream. more specifically, breyers slow churned vanilla icecream.
either way, its amazing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

GLOSOLI - bright glowing sun.

glosoli-sigur ros.

this is one of my favorite songs. watch the video, dont try to understand what theyre saying unless you speak iceleandic. the music and image is absolutely beautiful, and the story is up to your interpretation. please watch it. <3

Lyrics to Glósóli
:Nú vaknar þú Allt virðist vera breytt Eg gægist út En er svo ekki neitt Ur-skóna finn svo A náttfötum hún I draumi fann svo Eg hékk á koðnun? Með sólinni er hún Og er hún, inni hér En hvar ert þú.... Legg upp í göngu Og tölti götuna Sé ekk(ert) út Og nota stjörnurnar Sit(ur) endalaust hún Og klifrar svo út. Glósóli-leg hún Komdu út Mig vaknar draum-haf Mitt hjartað, slá Ufið hár.Sturlun við fjar-óð Sem skyldu-skrá. Og hér ert þú...Fannst mér..... Og hér ert þú Glósóli..... Og hér ert þú Glósóli.....Og hér ert þú Glósóli.....Og hér ert þú

Glowing Sun (Bright Sun)Now that you're awake Everything seems different I look aroundBut there's nothing at all Put on my shoes, I then find that She is still in her pyjamasThen found in a dream I'm hung by (an) anticlimaxShe is with the sunAnd it's out here But where are you... Go on a journey And roam the streets Can't see the way out And so use the stars She sits for eternityAnd then climbs out She's the glowing sun So come out I awake from a nightmare My heart is beating Out of control…I've become so used to this crazinessThat it's now compulsoryAnd here you are...I'm feeling... And here you are,Glowing sun...And here you are,Glowing sun...And here you are,Glowing sun...And here you are...


roll out some paint on a table or a desk in the color of your chosing, you can mix or lay out a whole bunch of colors, doesnt matter.
you can use a knife or the bottom of a plastic spoon or whatever.
take the carver and carve out the silhouette of a picture {ie: people, pets, landscapes, anything}. now take a piece of paper and place it ontop of the picture and rub gently on the paper with the side of your fist or the bottom of your palm. rub in circles so you dont smear the picture. while you do this, stop and lift up a corner of the page without lifting the whole page to see if the image came out right, if it didnt you can put the paper back down and keep rubbing.
itll be awesome when you finish it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

one in the a.m.

i was absolutely thrilled when i won two awards for this painting. its much more colorful in person.
believe it or not, this painting was made with some of those 99 cent paints that are all connected together by plastic string, you know? i was vacationing in vermont with my cousins and aunt and uncle and we were at an utter loss at what we were supposed to do so we went to the gift shop and picked up some paints and a pad of paper.
this is the result of a beautiful magazine clipping and a lazy summer day.


i love charcoal. it's beautiful.

this is Sarah. the photograph was taken during an extremely difficult time in her life, and i wanted, needed to portray her emotions on a sheet of paper. it's a first attempt, and i didnt inherit the amazing photography skills so the work isnt flattered. its just a love i have.