Monday, July 20, 2009


roll out some paint on a table or a desk in the color of your chosing, you can mix or lay out a whole bunch of colors, doesnt matter.
you can use a knife or the bottom of a plastic spoon or whatever.
take the carver and carve out the silhouette of a picture {ie: people, pets, landscapes, anything}. now take a piece of paper and place it ontop of the picture and rub gently on the paper with the side of your fist or the bottom of your palm. rub in circles so you dont smear the picture. while you do this, stop and lift up a corner of the page without lifting the whole page to see if the image came out right, if it didnt you can put the paper back down and keep rubbing.
itll be awesome when you finish it.


  1. you are awesomness. I going to try this thanks for the info!

  2. you should definitely try this. it is so much fun. and you are awesomeness as well. =]